International Students

International Students

Step 1: Complete the online application form which includes:

Applicant Profile

  • Student and family information
  • Education background
  • An Artistic Portfolio (required of arts track applicants)
  • A non-refundable application fee of $80

Visa Application

  • I-20 Application (included in the Online Application)
  • A scan of the applicant’s passport photo page
  • Proof of at least $41,950 in funds, such as in the form of:
    • A bank statement
    • Annual Salary (Employment)

Step 2: Obtain at least two student recommendation letters, one from from a teacher in English, and another from a math teacher

Step 3: Complete the online Math and English assessments (please check your inbox for the assessment email and link)

Step 4: Attend an online admissions interview/audition (Check your inbox for the interview notification email)

Step 5: A decision notice is typically sent within 2 weeks of the interview/audition

View our International Student Application Process

Boarding Tuition: $38,700

General Fee: $650 (technology, library, general heath, and school sponsored trips)

International Student Visa Fee:

  • $3,000 – first-time international students
  • $2,000 – continuing students

Program Fee: $5,000 (only applicable to students who need ESL support.)

We offer needs-based financial aid as well as merit-based scholarship opportunities. Please inquire for details.

Step 1: Read the acceptance email carefully and confirm acceptance of the admissions offer by paying the non-refundable deposit of $300 USD via this link.

Step 2: Once we receive the non-refundable deposit of $300 USD we will start your child’s I-20 application. 

F-1 Visa Application Process:

  1. Pay the non-refundable deposit of $300 USD to the school via this link

  2. The PDSO/DSO (Principal designated school official/Designated school official) issues a draft I-20 around 5 business days after receiving the deposit

  3. Double check the draft to confirm all information is correct.

    1.  If corrections are NOT needed, reply to the email stating all information is correct.

    2.  If corrections are needed, reply with the correct information.

  4. PDSO/DSO will send a confirmation email to the applicant’s Parent/Guardian’s email address on the application.

We usually give about a month’s time for the whole visa process and the student can enter as early as 30 days before the start date stated on the I-20. Important: Entry into the United States is not guaranteed after the program start date.

Step 3: After receiving the confirmation email from our PDSO/DSO, proceed with Step 9.

Step 4: Upon receiving Form I-20 from the PDSO/DSO at Northern Academy, please pay the SEVIS I-901 fee.

  • Visit (You can only pay for the SEVIS I-901 fee using this site, do not pay via any other websites.) Keep the receipt for your visa interview.

Step 5: Schedule a visa interview at your local US Embassy or Consulate

You will need to bring the following documents to your visa interview:

  1. Form I-20, with a signature from the PDSO/DSO

  2. SEVIS I-901 fee receipt

  3. A signed passport, valid for at least 6 months after the date you plan to enter the US

  4. Visa application forms from the US consulate (e.g. DS-160) and required photos

  5. Transcripts and diplomas from previous schools

  6. Tuition receipt from Northern Academy, and/or

  7. Evidence of proof of sufficient funds to cover tuition and living expenses

  8. Acceptance letter from the Northern Academy Admissions Office

  9. Information sheet about Northern Academy

  10. Your intention to depart the US after completing your studies.

Step 6: Prepare for the visa interview

  1. Know the usual questions
  2. Practice your English
  3. Know the program and how it fits your career plans
  4. Employment should not be your main goal to go to the US
  5. Prepare all documents and receipts
  6. Arrive on time

Step 7: Once you pass your visa interview, continue with Step 8.

Step 8: Notify us of your child’s visa approval by emailing proof to the Official Acceptance email. 

Step 9: The Admissions Office will send you your child’s Tuition Agreement link.

Step 10: Complete both your child’s Tuition Agreement form and the Enrollment Consent & Required Documents form. Ensure that your child’s balance is paid off at least 45 days before the program start date listed on I-20.

In the Enrollment Consent & Required Documents Form, you will need to upload the following required documents:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Insurance Card
    • All international students are required to to have a valid health insurance in the US
  • Immunization Record Compare
    • NYS vaccination requirements to your child’s vaccination records. (NYS vaccination requirements can be found in the acceptance email and here)
  • Northern Medical Center (NMC) Consent Form

Failure to complete Step 10 will result in the cancellation of your child’s I-20 and visa.

t  +1 (845) 288-0636 / (845) 779-0802