Parent Testimonials

“From the bottom of my heart, I am extremely grateful to the teachers and the school for changing my daughter’s life. Previously, she was depressed and did not greet anyone including her teachers; she played by herself. In class, she was often sleepy, so her grades were not good. Since studying at Northern Academy [my daughter] has developed her forte and changed dramatically. I am extremely grateful to you and the school for that.”

–– Parents of senior, 2022


“… the sound [my daughter] played was so powerful, and totally touched my heart deeply in that moment… It’s amazing to see her make such big progress with the support from her friends, Conductor Chou and Director Hsieh. [My daughter] has really changed a lot since she joined Northern. She’s more open and happier; she is more polite, and more willing to help others. Thank you for having such a wonderful team.”

–– Sunny, father of 8th grader, 2022


My sincere gratitude to Northern Academy for giving back to us an extraordinary, self-disciplined, upright and motivated child. Northern’s curriculum is well-balanced and personalized. [My son] likes the teachers and their teaching skills a lot. Because of small size classes, students are able to learn in accordance with their aptitude, and have enough space to play and grow freely… I’m really fortunate that I made the right decision and transferred [my son] to Northern, during his critical growth period.”

–– Mother of senior, 2022


“My child become self-disciplined and motivated to learn music and academic studies. We are glad to see her improvement and really appreciate the effort and hard-work provided by the Northern teachers and team of staff.”

–– Mother of 9th grader, 2022


“[Our daughter] grew into a lovely young lady while she was at Northern. All facets of her character benefited greatly.”

–– Ben, father of 8th grader, 2022


“We appreciate Northern Academy for providing a platform for my daughter to exercised her leadership skills, and the opportunities to fully demonstrated her talents…

This school is much different from other schools in many ways. Northern not only enhances moral education, but also cultivates children’s respect for their parents and [responsibility for] their own behavior, by drawing from Chinese traditional culture.

–– Mother of senior, 2021


“My son came to Northern when the school was established in 2016. I am very fortunate that he came to this school. He wasn’t an “extraordinary” student, but liked to solve problems using force. I really appreciate the teachers’ great kindness. Indeed, they guided him with patience and tolerance so that my boy could grow up in a healthy environment.”

–– Jing, mother of 10th grader, 2021


“I love this curriculum, and find it very well done and excellent information for the growing mind. Thank you so much for sharing and I am very happy that these topics of ethics, true overall mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health are being addressed. We are very happy that we made the decision to join Northern Academy of the arts.”

–– Lisa Pathak, MD, parent of 6th and 8th graders, 2021


“I was amazed by the achievements of the character building elements. The group dynamics and the team spirit among these young girls, and boys and musicians, are really something. Their manners and their way of handling pressure and attention are much more mature and full of the grace and beauty of traditional culture.”

–– Nathalie, parent of 6th grader, 2020


“[My child] has been attending Northern for two years now, and we are very happy about his positive changes. In a faraway country, he is in a good environment where teachers and friends are very enthusiastic to help and cordial. Our child quickly adapted to the new environment.”

–– Hoai, parent of 10th grader, 2021


“In terms of learning, [my child] has made more progress. With a good curriculum and standards such as not using smartphones, [the school] has helped him a lot. With the help and guidance of teachers and upperclassmen, he was able to overcome difficulties.”

–– Mother of high school student, 2021


“Great staff, wonderful teachers who care for their students, and work beyond expectations for the benefit of the student. This makes the students really want to succeed and meet the teacher’s requirements. This is amazing and I think that this is a role model for other schools.

–– Parent survey, 2021


Student Testimonials

“Our school teaches us the ability to leverage ourselves into our next chapter of life with success, one of those includes emotional maturity.”

–– David, 8th grade student, Academic Track


“I learned not only how to write essays, do science experiments, and solve equations, but also how to be a better person. It has taught me that academic grades aren’t everything, but high morality is the basis of being a person.”

–– Jinglei, Senior, Music Track


“This school is like no other. It is growing and expanding every year alongside its students.

It is precious to have a school in today’s society that is willing to put in such a large amount of effort to train students with high moral standards.”

–– Senior in Music Track


“This school is like no other. You can meet people all over the world with different backgrounds and dreams. At this school, I have met many wonderful teachers and have an amazing group of friends.”

–– High school student, Music Track


Besides all these meaningful lessons and skills I have learned in the past 3 years, I think one of the most prominent lessons I have learned from the community around me is selflessness.”

–– Megan Xiao, Senior, Academic Track


“I know that in this Northern community, I would be able to ask anybody for help whenever I needed it – and receive it –  because everybody here truly cares for one another.”

–– High school student, Academic Track


I owe so much to all the wonderful teachers: my academic teachers who took so much of their free time to help me when I had a hard time; my dance teachers who never gave up, and kept supporting me and giving me so much of their time and effort.”

–– Lian, 8th grade student, Dance Track


“The leadership body of the school functions well in terms of maintaining and growing chains of communication between staff and students. They also behave in a respectful yet not distant manner.”

–– Student Survey, 2021


“The school provides students with every opportunity to improve themselves in ways that benefit the entire community. They also make the school’s goal very clear through effective communication in the form of assemblies and announcements, whether that be via email or over the loudspeakers.”

–– Student Survey, 2021


“Since the past two years I have been in this school, everything changed for me. I would say that the public school I went to before was a decent school with pretty good education and quality, and the neighborhood I came from was a good one as well. But it was just this special environment that I have to give full credit to for making me the person I am today.”

–– Brian, 9th grade student, Dance Track


“The courses offered at this school are more diverse and engaging than any I have encountered elsewhere.”

–– Student Survey, 2021


“The school grading system is kept up to date and very easy to track.”

–– Student Survey, 2021


“The student services at this school are very good and they provide me with the energy and tools to allow me to focus on my learning.”

–– Student Survey, 2021


“Overall, I have been to a few schools, and I can say with absolute certainty that this school lays out ambitious goals and follows through with them, all while maintaining healthy communication and relationships with the community. “

–– Student Survey, 2021