2021-2022 Calendar & Bell Schedule

2021-2022 School Calendar: Download Calendar (PDF)

Bell Schedule Fall-Spring 2021:


  1. Classes are held on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. except during holiday weekends, selected activity days and prior to exams. There are 184 days in the school year. If more than four (4) snow days are announced, days will be made up in the following order:
    1. Presidents’ Day: February 21, 2022;
    2. Spring Long Weekend: April 15, 2022;
    3. Spring Break, if needed for make-up days, the order will be first to last – March 12, March 14, March 15, March 16, March 17, March 18 (6 days).
  2. On inclement days, the Principal or designated school official will make the decision to cancel school, delay school opening or dismiss early. Parents and registered host families will receive a notification email by 6:00 am.
  3. Professional Development days are for teachers only and are subject to change.
September 1 (Wed)New Student Orientation
September 2 (Thu)First day of Class for Fall 2021 Semester
September 6 (Mon)Labor Day
September 10 (Fri)Last Day to Drop Elective (without “W” grade)
September 13 (Mon)Last Day to Add Elective
September 13-17Drop Period with a “W” grade
October 2 (Sat)Back-to-School Info Session for Parents
October 11 (Mon)Columbus Day
November 5 (Fri)Last Day of Grading Period 1
November 12-14 (Fri)Veterans Day Long Weekend
November 15-December 10Elective Preregistration for Spring 2022
November 25-26Thanksgiving Day Break
December 17Winter Showcase
December 20-January 4Winter Break
January 5 (Wed)Class Resumes
January 17 (Mon)Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
January 26-28Mid-Year Examinations
January 28 (Fri)Last Day of Fall Semester (and Grading Period 2)
January 31 (Mon)Winter Recess
February 1 (Tue)Professional Development Day (No Students)
February 2 (Wed)First Day of Spring 2022 Semester
February 9 (Wed)Last Day to Drop Elective (without “W” grade)
February 10 (Thu)Last Day to Add Elective
February 10-16Drop Period with a “W” grade
February 21 (Mon)Presidents’ Day
February 26 (Sat)Back-to-School Info Session for Parents
March 11-April 15Elective Preregistration for Fall 2022
March 12-20Spring Break
April 14 (Thu)Last Day of Grading Period 3
April 15-17Spring Long Weekend
May 13 (Fri)Anniversary Day
May 30 (Mon)Memorial Day
June 10 (Fri)Professional Development Day (No Students)
June 15-23Final Examinations
June 24 (Fri)Commencement
June 27 (Mon)Session I Begins
July 18 (Mon)Session II Begins