Voices of Excellence: Testimonials from Our Community
Parent Testimonials

Hear What Students and Parents Have to Say About Their Northern Academy Experience

“From the bottom of my heart, I am extremely grateful to the teachers and the school for changing my daughter’s life. Previously, she was depressed and did not greet anyone including her teachers; she played by herself. In class, she was often sleepy, so her grades were not good. Since studying at Northern Academy [my daughter] has developed her forte and changed dramatically. I am extremely grateful to you and the school for that.”

–– Parents of senior, 2022

“… the sound [my daughter] played was so powerful, and totally touched my heart deeply in that moment… It’s amazing to see her make such big progress with the support from her friends, Conductor Chou and Director Hsieh. [My daughter] has really changed a lot since she joined Northern. She’s more open and happier; she is more polite, and more willing to help others. Thank you for having such a wonderful team.”

–– Sunny, father of 8th grader, 2022

“My sincere gratitude to Northern Academy for giving back to us an extraordinary, self-disciplined, upright and motivated child. Northern’s curriculum is well-balanced and personalized. [My son] likes the teachers and their teaching skills a lot. Because of small size classes, students are able to learn in accordance with their aptitude, and have enough space to play and grow freely… I’m really fortunate that I made the right decision and transferred [my son] to Northern, during his critical growth period.”

–– Mother of senior, 2022

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Student Testimonials

“Our school teaches us the ability to leverage ourselves into our next chapter of life with success, one of those includes emotional maturity.”

–– David, 8th grade student, Academic Track

“I learned not only how to write essays, do science experiments, and solve equations, but also how to be a better person. It has taught me that academic grades aren’t everything, but high morality is the basis of being a person.”

–– Jinglei, Senior, Music Track

“This school is like no other. It is growing and expanding every year alongside its students.

It is precious to have a school in today’s society that is willing to put in such a large amount of effort to train students with high moral standards.”

–– Senior in Music Track

“This school is like no other. You can meet people all over the world with different backgrounds and dreams. At this school, I have met many wonderful teachers and have an amazing group of friends.”

–– High school student, Music Track

“Besides all these meaningful lessons and skills I have learned in the past 3 years, I think one of the most prominent lessons I have learned from the community around me is selflessness.”

–– Megan Xiao, Senior, Academic Track

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