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Fushen Hot Pot:

Unlimited Indulgence in Delectable Hot Pot Delights 🔥🍲
Calling all food enthusiasts! Fushen Hot Pot is a must-visit hotspot for those who crave culinary adventures. This eatery stands out with its fresh ingredients, diverse flavors, and the concept of unlimited feasting.
Fushen Hot Pot has gained renown for its distinctive broth bases and carefully selected ingredients. Whether you’re a fan of fiery and numbing spices or prefer a milder, more refined taste, Fushen has you covered. The preparation of their broths is a meticulous process, ensuring each one is a culinary masterpiece.

Carlos' Pizzeria and Bar:

Welcome to Carlos Cucina, your go-to spot for delicious Italian food in Middletown, New York! We’re all about serving up tasty classics like pasta and pizza, just like Nonna used to make.

Whether you’re dining in with us or ordering delivery, you can expect mouthwatering dishes made with the freshest ingredients and lots of love. Craving a slice of pizza or a hearty bowl of pasta? We’ve got you covered!And if you’re looking for a place to unwind, our cozy bar area is stocked with a great selection of wines, cocktails, and more. So whether you’re catching up with friends or enjoying a family dinner, there’s something for everyone at Carlos Cucina.

Come join us and experience the taste of Italy right here in Middletown. We can’t wait to see you!


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Em’s Bouchic:

Em’s Bouchic serves as your comprehensive floral boutique in Middletown, NY. Our store offers a variety of floral arrangements suitable for any event or occasion, conveniently available for your pick-up on the way home or before heading to dinner.