Recreational Sport Programs

Badminton – recreational

Did you know badminton is the only racket sport that doesn’t use a ball?! This sport is perfect for people of all ages and great for fitness. Join today and learn how to serve, drive, and smash in a game that’s faster than tennis!


Basketball – recreational

Stepback, pull-up jumper, and… SCORE! Learn basic basketball skills, and improve your speed, strength, and game at the NA after-school Basketball Program!



Outdoor/Indoor Recreation

Join us for outdoor activities like canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking, longboarding, hiking, fire making, fire cooking, gardening, rock climbing, and swimming in the NA Outdoor Recreation Program.


Soccer – recreational

Pass, kick, and …GOAL! Improve your speed and endurance, and ramp up your dribbling, receiving, and shooting skills at the after-school NA Soccer Program!


Table tennis – recreational

See why the fast-paced, competitive game of table tennis has become so popular. Improve your hand-eye coordination, and learn how to forehand drive, backhand push, and more at the NA After-school Table Tennis Program!


Ultimate frisbee – recreational

Flying disks, precision passes, and superior teamwork. The exciting game of ultimate frisbee combines all three. Have fun while you learn the proper techniques and skills used in this self-refereed sport that revolves around teamwork!

***outdoor activity availability are based on weather conditions***