Graduation Requirements

Grade 9-12 (high school) students are required to take classes in the following curriculum areas:

  • English Language Arts (4 credits)
  • Social Studies (4 credits)
  • Science (3 credits)
  • Mathematics (3 credits)
  • Academic Electives:
    • World Languages (3 credits in one world language)*
    • Other Academic Electives (3 credits)
  • Dance, Fine Arts, Music, Theatre (1½ credits, with at least 1/2 credit in music and 1/2 credit in fine arts)
  • Health and Life Skills (1/2 credit)
  • Ethics and Etiquette (3/4 credit)
  • Physical Education (2 credits)

* A student may meet the requirement for the World Languages by scoring at least 4 in the AP exam of a world language without having 3 course credits of the world language. In this case, however, the student will still need to obtain at least 6 course credits in academic electives.

ENL II classes are counted as 1 credit of ELA course and 1 credit of academic electives.

ENL III class is counted as 1 credit of academic electives.

All high school ENL students are required to complete at least one year of ELA courses at grade level and pass a specified English Language exam.


A unique feature of health education at NA is its emphasis on developing students’ knowledge, skills, and habits in order to achieve a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Students are encouraged to maintain that sense of well being throughout their lives. Students are gaining the know-how and ability to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment and learn to manage their personal and community resources as responsible citizens.

Included in the life skills classes are highway safety and traffic regulations, fire drills, fire/arson prevention, and the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse. The importance of conserving natural resources is also taught.

Through physical education, students in all grade levels acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to establish and maintain overall fitness.

At Northern, talented and gifted (TAG) students who master a subject significantly more quickly than their classmates have the opportunity to be exposed to some advanced course material. For example, math TAG students in middle school can take the equivalent of a high school-level algebra course. AP courses are provided for TAG students in high school.

All students are required to take a minimum of 5 credits of courses per academic year, even if they have fulfilled the graduation requirements.

All students are required to participate in a co-curricular program each semester.

Transferring senior students must successfully complete one full semester of courses at Northern Academy in order to graduate.

To receive a Northern Academy diploma, a student must:

  • Complete all the required curricular areas and credits as detailed above;
  • Be clear of any existing or pending discipline action;
  • Meet all other school requirements.

The following table presents a summary of graduation requirements, including the requirements for transfer students.