Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome back to Northern Academy of the Arts for Fall 2021!

The registration and orientation for new students and parents is Wednesday, September 1st. New boarding students can move into the dormitory after 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, August 31st.

The first day of school for both new and returning students as well as orientation for returning parents is Thursday, September 2nd. Returning boarding students can move into the dormitory after 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 1st.

The Northern Academy administration is available during school hours or by appointment to answer your questions or discuss your concerns. We extend to you our best wishes for a successful and productive year.


Northern Academy Admissions & Student Services


*** We continue to monitor circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Northern Academy will strictly adhere to government recommendations for safely reopening in the Fall.

1. The Enrollment Contract & Financial Agreement must be signed by parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s).

2. Please read the Enrollment Notice in full, and provide your child’s immunization records and other required documents via the Parent Consent and Required Documents form.

3. If you haven’t not gaint access to the FACTS Student Information System, follow the instruction to set up your Parent Portal and Student Portal.

1. The Enrollment Contract & Financial Agreement issued by the Tuition Office must be signed by parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s) before the deadline.

2. Please log in to the FACTS Parent Portal to verify your contact information.

3. Students may access the FACTS Student Portal to review your class schedule.

1. Order School Uniforms: All school uniform pieces may be ordered directly from Lands’ End. Our school number is 900185968. Please read the School Uniform Policy and dress code.

  • Please check HERE to see standard items and recommended quantities.
  • HERE is the skirt size and measurement reference from Lands’ End

2. Buy used uniforms at the Student Service Building, 42 Jason Place from 4-5 pm on August 31st or September 1st.

1. Students should bring and wear face masks to school each day. Students may also choose to bring other personal protective items including masks, alcohol wipes, hand sanitizer, gloves.

2. Water bottle labelled with the student’s name.

3. Please bring the items on the Stationery Items List for academic classes.

4. Textbooks will need to be purchased or rented after school starts.

5. Electronics Policy: The school will provide each student with a Chromebook to use for academic classes. Students cannot use personal computers or smart devices.

6. All students are required to have personal hygiene items for training (e.g. floss, tooth brush, toothpaste). These items can be stored in their lockers.

7. Students who wish to join the school orchestra, please bring your instruments to the first music class.

8. Academic and music students taking dance classes must bring dance attire.

1. Each boarding student should bring either 7 washable face masks or 100 pieces of disposable face masks for daily use.

2. Please check the Packing Checklist on Page 9 of Boarding Student Handbook.

3. Please contact to schedule your move-in time.

1. Personal necessities: tuner, metronome, a 2B pencil and eraser, empty music staff book (or staff paper with holes for binder is even better), and other accessories required for your own instrument (oil, rosin, reed, mute etc.)

2. Costume for formal orchestra performance:

Boys: White dress shirt (long sleeves), black suit, black suit pants (no tights or skinny cuts), black belt, black bow tie, black socks, black leather shoes.

Girls: Black long-sleeve shirt, long black skirt (floor length), black socks or silk stockings (black or nude) and black dress shoes that completely cover your feet.

3. Other performance occasions (solo, chamber or concert practice):

Boys: Same as formal performance with the option of a solid colored dress shirt and bow tie or necktie of your choice of color.

Girls: (1) Same as a formal concert or (2) a formal gown with covered shoulders or (3) with the option of a colored shirt and suit pants (no tights or skinny cuts).

1. Masks are required in the dance studio. Please bring at least two spare masks every day.

2. Male students should bring black crew-socks; female students should bring “no-show” socks. These items can also be purchased at the local stores.

3. Students who wear glasses are strongly advised to wear contact lenses during dance training.

4. Hair ties and hair clips for girls.

COVID-19 continues to present a risk, particularly with the increasing prevalence of new variants. To ensure a safe start to the new academic year, Northern Academy will continue to implement the following safety protocols:

1. Daily health screening must be completed prior to arriving on campus;

2. Student, teachers and staff who have symptoms of COVID-19 must stay home, and do not return to school unless symptoms have resolved;

3. While on campus, masks must be worn while indoors, except while eating;

4. Continue practicing good hygiene, including frequent hand washing, and covering sneezes and coughs;

5. Daily cleaning of high touch surfaces. 

1. All students should have their own health insurance. Emergency room visits can be very expensive.

2. A copy of the student’s insurance card, front and back, must be on file at the school. This is especially important for boarding students, as the school may not be able to get in touch with the parents right away if there is an emergency.

3. Northern Academy does not provide health insurance to students nor is it affiliated with any insurance agency.

4. For out-of-state students who need health insurance, the school recommends checking with your current insurance company to see if it has emergency room coverage for out-of-state students.

The school does not provide car service to transport students to and from the airport. Please see Airport Travel Information.

t  +1 (845) 288-0636