Northern Academy Office Directory


Address: 1 Ashley Ave., Middletown, NY 10940

Email: | Telephone: +1 (845) 779-0808 | Fax: +1 (845) 913-9483



Principal &
Education Director
Dr. ZhouC201director@NorthernAcademy.orgLeadership for students and staff
Senior AdvisorDr. TorleyD450community@northernacademy.orgEducation Specialist
Assist. Principal (IA)Ms. Cortese-NgC210mng@NorthernAcademy.orgClubs, Student Activities,
Special Events, Etiquette program
Academic DepartmentDr. SunD335tsun@NorthernAcademy.orgDean of Academic Affairs
Admissions OfficeMs. TinaC202admissions@NorthernAcademy.orgApplications for student enrollment 
Athletics (Sports)Mr. Whitted alwhitted@NorthernAcademy.orgAthletic programs Director
Attendance OfficeMr.
Attendance records and monitoring
College Counselor & Curriculum DirectorMs. ZebianD351mzebian@NorthernAcademy.orgCollege preparation, advising & support 
Dance DepartmentMr. LiuB106dance@NorthernAcademy.orgLeadership of Dance track
Dorm & Residential lifeMr. Russo &
Dorm & Residential life
Fine Arts DepartmentMs. ChenA101xchen@NorthernAcademy.orgLeadership of Art track
School Office              Ms. Gorham &
Ms. Ralli
C Lobbyfrontdesk@NorthernAcademy.orgGeneral info., mail room, visitor assistance
Technology / IT SupportMr. LuC104IT@NorthernAcademy.orgChromebooks, Computer, printing,
internet, email support
Library            Ms. YanC110library@NorthernAcademy.orgBooks, learning resources, computers
Music Department          Ms. HsiehA104hhsieh@NorthernAcademy.orgLeadership of Music Track
NAPO          contact@northernacademyparents.orgNorthern Academy Parent Organization
Registrar           Ms. Chan registrar@NorthernAcademy.orgTranscripts, academic records,
 and enrollment verification requests
School Counselor             Dr. TreyC217mtrey@NorthernAcademy.orgCounseling, student advising & support
School Nurse           Ms. SunC116health@NorthernAcademy.orgFirst aid, injuries, student health
Security           Mr. DoC106security@NorthernAcademy.orgID Building access, security, facility use
Student Affairs Office
Mr. FogartyC203SAO@NorthernAcademy.orgStudent conduct & discipline
International Student Office
Mr. Simon &
Ms. Chloe &
Student VISA for International students

Tuition & Billing Services      

Mr. Yu
D423Btuition@NorthernAcademy.orgBilling, Tuition, payment, financing students
Uniform           Mr. FogartyC203frontdesk@NorthernAcademy.orgUniform standards & purchasing