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Our mission is to nurture students to become cultured individuals of exemplary moral character. To this end, we provide an education drawn from the classics and the arts, one steeped in divinely inspired traditional values of the East and West.

Core Values

Traditional Western and Eastern values provide a moral compass for one’s character development. To this end, Northern Academy embraces three principles as guideposts for our progress:

  • Integrity: Strengthening the wholeness of our moral compass by being trustworthy and consistent in thought, word, and deed.
  • Compassion: Nurturing the innate goodness that arises through our acts of kindness, selflessness, and forgiveness, uplifting us all.
  • Resilience: Cultivating the resolve to maintain our courage and diligence in the face of uncertainties, challenges, and setbacks.

What We Offer

  • A unique, carefully planned curriculum and small class size that allow them to engage meaningfully with subjects and fully prepare for college, while helping them become lifelong learners.
  • Extensive artistic electives that provide training that enables students to pursue their artistic goals as well as building their character through the discipline of artistic training.
  • Open to grades 1 through 12
  • A safe environment with an emphasis on moral values and good conduct.
  • Classical curriculum using primary sources
  • A fully integrated health, etiquette and ethics curriculum
  • Boarding and day school options
  • Low student-teacher ratio
  • College counseling and planning for each high school student
  • Private tutoring in all subjects as needed
  • Traditional Chinese culture and Mandarin language classes
  • ESL and tutoring


Purpose of our classical educational program
  • To kindle a renaissance in the fields of knowledge by harmonizing classical Eastern and Western canons and elevating the standard of education.
  • To educate through rich content, character development, and superb technique.
  • To take part in the Great Conversation: the ongoing process, from antiquity to today, of writers and thinkers referencing, building on, and refining the work of those who came before.
Philosophy of Classical Education

Northern Academy incorporates elements of classical education in order to bring humanity to the forefront of our school culture. “Classical,” in the sense of education, refers to using ideas that have withstood the weight of time and endured with excellence and virtue. Derived from the Latin adjective classicus, meaning “of the highest order,” “classical” refers to the insights gained over thousands of years of successes and failures, and putting them to use today. “Classic” derived from another term, the Latin noun classis, means “a fleet of ships”—at that time, humankind’s highest form of naval power. Combining these, Northern Academy’s Classical Education means “a fleet of ships used to cultivate a complete person to the highest degree.”

In essence, we draw our model of Classical Education from Confucius’ “Great Learning” and the Trivium and Quadrivium as outlined by Plato and Aristotle. We embrace character education, not as a means to change the world in the form of social activism, but to embody virtue, excellence, and tranquility as a way of life. As such, we aim for genuine learning—where cognitive skills and academic success are side-effects of rich content and superb technique.

The purpose of education is an enlightened mind. Using the Northern Academy Classical Model, every well-planned course offers the opportunity for students to continue their academic journey from knowledge to wisdom.

School Policies

We have collaborated with our students and community to establish three significant policies to limit distractions:

  1. We encourage smart use of technology, and limit the use of personal electronic devices on school grounds. (See Electronics Policy.)
  2. In order for our students to have the time to become fully developed people, we discourage intimate relationships. (See Student & Parent Handbook.)
  3. To function effectively, protect its members, and respect their rights, student conduct that may be disruptive, unproductive, unethical, or illegal will not be tolerated. All students must abide by the Student Code of Conduct and violations will be imposed in accordance with the discipline measures indicated in the Code, as well as in the school’s Discipline Policy.

Room & Board

Kitchen & Nutrition
  • Award winning chefs
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Healthy home made meals
  • Meat and vegetarian dishes
  • Fruit, salad, and various vegetables are served daily
Residential services
  • On-campus boarding
  • Home-like dorm housing
  • 24/7 supervision by resident teachers
  • Healthy routine
  • Separated by gender
  • Lifelong friendships
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Quiet surroundings
  • On-site laundry room
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