We at the Northern Academy of the Arts Dance Department believe that while dance is an expression of physical beauty, the source of that beauty must originate inside the individual, for only with the existence of beauty within can there exist beauty without.

The vision of our dance department is to help students develop beauty of both the mind and body by providing students with a systematic and wholesome education in Classical Chinese Dance and Classical Ballet, in addition to also guiding and educating them in the principles of classical culture. Through learning the importance of kindness, respect, hard work, and perseverance through our systematic dance training, students can develop and maintain strong bodies and healthy minds.

Students who are enrolled in the dance department full-time are also held to a high academic standard and must meet or exceed all state and federal high school academic requirements.

“Dance, of all the arts, is the one that most influences the soul. Dancing is divine in its nature and is the gift of the gods,” Plato once said.

In a world of staring at screens, widespread obesity, and artistic perversion, Northern Academy of the Arts is part of an artistic renaissance that is returning to the classical model of a true scholar who is refined in both mind and body, like the Renaissance man, the Confucian gentleman, the ancient Greek scholar, or even the Japanese samurai.

Studies have proven that dance forms such as classical ballet and classical Chinese dance improve memory, self-esteem, coordination, balance, and of course health.

The technical precision and beauty of classical dance is the perfect setting for developing the kind of attentiveness to detail, dedication, and sense of propriety that lead to success in any field.

With state of the art dance studios and award-winning professional dance teachers, students have a unique opportunity to refine their technique, improve their flexibility, and learn how to perform.

Northern Academy’s students have a choice between Classical Ballet or Classical Chinese Dance. Once they choose their focus, how much time and dedication they wish to spend on dance is up to them. They can keep up their skills through taking daily technique classes while focusing the rest of their time on academics or they can choose to commit more time to dance by signing up for repertoire, where they will be placed in dance pieces and have evening rehearsals.

Originating from the royal courts of Europe, ballet is the hallmark classical dance of the Western world. It is known for its clean lines, technical precision, and precise footwork. Through this centuries-old art form, Northern instills students with sophistication, grace, and elegance. At Northern, students learn not only the superficial form of ballet but also the noble character that underlies its majestic beauty.

Originating over 3,000 years ago in imperial courts, classical Chinese dance developed to become a comprehensive dance system with systematic training in dance fundamentals, flexibility, bearing, movement forms, leaps, spins, aerial techniques, and inner expression. These elements combine to enable dancers to portray a wide spectrum of characters and situations, bringing them to life on stage through leaps, spins, and communicative movements performed not just via the body but also the spirit.

Along with the technical side of training, there is an emphasis on traditional values. Northern instills in students principles such as integrity, kindness, and perseverance. These principles are incorporated into training and daily life and are considered critical to a dancer’s overall artistic development. This combination of the physical and spiritual is what allows the dancer to connect with the audience through a sublime artistic experience.

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