Recreational Sport Programs

Badminton – recreational

Did you know badminton is the only racket sport that doesn’t use a ball?! This sport is perfect for people of all ages and great for fitness. Join today and learn how to serve, drive, and smash in a game that’s faster than tennis!


Basketball – recreational

Stepback, pull-up jumper, and… SCORE! Learn basic basketball skills, and improve your speed, strength, and game at the NA after-school Basketball Program!



Outdoor/Indoor Recreation

Join us for outdoor activities like canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking, longboarding, hiking, fire making, fire cooking, gardening, rock climbing, and swimming in the NA Outdoor Recreation Program.


Soccer – recreational

Pass, kick, and …GOAL! Improve your speed and endurance, and ramp up your dribbling, receiving, and shooting skills at the after-school NA Soccer Program!



Table tennis – recreational

See why the fast-paced, competitive game of table tennis has become so popular. Improve your hand-eye coordination, and learn how to forehand drive, backhand push, and more at the NA After-school Table Tennis Program!


Ultimate frisbee – recreational

Flying disks, precision passes, and superior teamwork. The exciting game of ultimate frisbee combines all three. Have fun while you learn the proper techniques and skills used in this self-refereed sport that revolves around teamwork!

***outdoor activity availability are based on weather conditions***

Artistic Programs

Drawing Foundations

A rare after-school program with award-winning instructors! Progressing from drawing geometric forms, to still life, then to human sculpture, one can build a solid foundation of traditional fine arts skills that can benefit for a lifetime. Explore your artistic side!


In Northern’s handcraft program, students will have fun making functional and decorative products, from origami to T-shirts, from pop-up cards to light boxes. It’s time to practice the power of focus while having fun. You’ll be surprised with what you can create, join today!

Music Programs

Our astounding music teachers are available for 1-on-1 private instrument lessons, ear training, music theory, and more! We offer music lessons for instruments from both the West and the East!

Soft-Skills Development Programs


Did you know the word “Checkmate” actually originates from the Arabic phrase “Shah Mat,” which translates to “the King is dead” in English? However, chess enthusiasts rarely use the phrase “Checkmate” but instead extend a hand to signal the end of the match.


Learn Chinese through stories, songs, and poems. Students will learn to speak Chinese for daily life activities. The instructor will teach both Chinese pictorial characters and alphabetic phonetic symbols. Non-heritage students can quickly start to communicate in Chinese by taking this program.

Contract Bridge

Four friends + a deck of cards = the best game you’ll ever play. Bridge!
Each deal in the bridge is its own mini-adventure. You get to speak in and decipher coded language to determine if you will defend or attack. It’s North-South vs. East-West. And in the end, someone will pay! (In points anyway).

Go-Game (Beginner)

The ancient board game Go originated in East Asia and is taking the world by storm. In this course, you will learn the rules of Go in a quick and simple fashion. Suppose you have experience playing board games or video games — In that case, you typically catch on really fast when it comes to new game rules — then this introductory course is for you.

Homework Assistance

Our dedicated team of teachers and staff will assist students in finishing homework assignments and provide 1-on-1 tutoring if requested. Students will have a quiet environment where they can peacefully study and complete any schoolwork.

Math Counts

The Math Counts coach will prepare students through the official Math Counts curriculum. The class includes workshops on problem-solving, instructional sessions on key knowledge areas, and math problem challenges. It prepares the students to participate in Math Counts competitions.

Web Programming (Beginner)

This course provides an introduction to web development. After learning HTML5 and CSS, the students will gain exposure to web programming using client-side scripting. The course covers the basic construction of web pages, cascading style sheets, and JavaScript.