2023 Graduation Ceremony

2023 Graduation Ceremony

Date and Time Friday, June 23, 2023, at 1:00 PM

Location Orange Hall (SUNY Orange) 24 Grandview Avenue, Middletown, NY 10940

Admission Admission to the Graduation Ceremony is free. We kindly request you to RSVP in advance to secure your spot and ensure a smooth and memorable event. To RSVP, click here.

Celebrating Achievements and New Beginnings

Join us for Northern Academy's 2023 Graduation Ceremony, a momentous event that marks the culmination of our seniors' academic journey and the commencement of their bright futures. This year's ceremony will be held on Friday, June 23rd at the Orange Hall (SUNY Orange), a symbolic setting that embodies the spirit of accomplishment and growth. We extend a warm invitation to families, friends, and well-wishers to share in the joy of this milestone. Stay afterwards to immerse yourself in the artistic flair of the End-of-Year Music and Dance Performance, an experience that perfectly complements the essence of our academy.

A Week of Celebrations and Memories The 2023 Graduation Ceremony is the highlight of a week filled with events and activities dedicated to honoring our graduating seniors. From the Senior Spring Photoshoot amidst the beauty of spring to the Senior Ball brimming with elegance and camaraderie, the week is a tapestry of cherished memories and celebrations.

Supporting Our Seniors As part of the Senior Graduation Package, each senior will receive an array of benefits to commemorate their achievement, including cap and gown rental, senior spring photo session, a large framed photo of the graduating class, the school yearbook, and more. This package underscores our commitment to celebrating not only their academic success but also the unique individuals they have become. .

Donations and Sponsorships We invite you to consider supporting our graduating seniors through donations and sponsorships. As a non-profit organization, your contribution will contribute to creating a memorable and fulfilling graduation experience for our students. Different tiers of promotion are available for sponsors, ensuring your support is recognized and celebrated. For inquiries and details, please contact Jim Luan at (845) 381-2594 or email graduation@northernacademy.org. .

2023 Graduation Ceremony Details

Join us for a detailed overview of Northern Academy's 2023 Graduation Ceremony, an event that signifies the culmination of academic achievements and the commencement of new beginnings. Discover the intricate elements that make this ceremony a memorable and symbolic experience for our graduating seniors and their families. Explore the schedule, location, and other essential information that will ensure your participation is seamless and enriching.

2023 Graduation Ceremony

Northern Academy’s 2023 Graduation Ceremony will take place this year on Friday, June 23th at Orange Hall (SUNY Orange). After the graduation, guests are also welcomed to stay for the End-of-Year Music and Dance Performance.

Date and Time

Friday June 23, 2023 at 1 PM


Orange Hall (SUNY Orange)

24 Grandview Avenue Middletown, NY 10940

Admission is free. Click here to RSVP.

If you have any questions surrounding the event, please contact the NAA Graduation Committee at graduation@northernacademy.org





Senior Spring Photos

Saturday April 22, 2023

1:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Northern Campus & Orange County Arboretum

High School Graduation Rehearsal #1

Wednesday June 14, 2023

3:30 PM – 5 PM

Northern Academy Campus (B building, B101) 

High School Graduation Rehearsal #2

Wednesday June 21, 2023

4 PM – 5 PM

Northern Academy Campus (B building, B101) 

Tree Planting Ceremony

Tuesday June 20, 2023

4 PM – 5 PM

Northern Academy Campus (front of B building)

Senior Ball

Thursday June 22, 2023

5 PM – 9 PM

Town of Wallkill Golf & Country Club – The Fountains


Friday June 23, 2023

1 PM – 4:30 PM

Orange Hall (SUNY Orange)

As part of the Senior Graduation Package covered by their tuition, every senior will receive the following: 

  • Cap and gown rental
  • 4-hour senior spring photo session
  • Digital copies of their top 2 favorite spring photos and the graduation video
  • 1 large framed photos of your graduating class
  • School yearbook
  • $60 towards customized graduating class rings
  • And much more

The graduating class will be taking their Senior Spring Photos over the Spring long weekend. This photoshoot is a 4-hour event where students will have their group and self portraits taken by a professional photographer in the beautiful backdrop of spring.

All seniors are required to attend this photoshoot unless there is a special circumstance. The details of the event are as follows:

Date: Sat. April 22, 2023. If the weather is unfavorable, we will postpone it to TBA.

Time: 1:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Location: Northern Campus & Orange County Arboretum

Attire: Blouse + pants OR dress for the ladies; solid colored button up shirt and slacks for the gentleman; formal/semi-formal shoes for all

Appearance:Tidy Hair/Clean and shaven faces. Light makeup.

As part of the graduation package, students will receive 1 large framed photos and digital copies of all photos taken from the day. Additional photos can also be purchased for print by filling out a form that will be posted here in May. 

The Senior Ball will take place this year on Thursday, June 22.

Click here to learn more.

We need your support! Please check back later for volunteer opportunities. 

*Click here to donate* 

Northern Academy of the Arts is a non-profit organization. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to support our graduating seniors. Your contribution will help offset the cost of the graduation and ensure that our students have a memorable and fulfilling experience. There will also be a student dance and music recital following the commencement ceremony. We expect at least 200 people to attend this whole-day event, and donors and sponsors are more than welcome to join!

Companies who choose to sponsor our graduation will also be honored and promoted during the event. We offer four tiers of promotion based on the amount contributed, as shown below:

Sliver ($100+)

  • Logo and recognition on the program booklet (quarter-page ad)
  • Logo and recognition on the school’s graduation webpage

Gold ($200+)

  • All items above (half-page ad), PLUS:
  • Promotional materials displayed in the theater’s lobby
  • Recognition announced at the beginning of commencement

Platinum ($400+)

  • All items above (full-page ad), PLUS:
  • Ad displayed on the school TV in the theater’s lobby
  • Ad displayed in the school’s monthly newsletter of May and June that goes
    out to 600+ people, including current/past students and parents, friends of
    the school, etc.

For inquiries, please text Jim Luan at (845) 381-2594 or email us at graduation@northernacademy.org  

We appreciate your support!

Click on the following link to RSVP.